About Us

Amor Swim is a stylish brand uniquely made up of sexy and radiant swimwear. Crafted by self-taught designer and former model, Kelisha Lopez-Shealey, Amor Swim is a brand designed for the woman who takes risk and for the girl who just wants to have fun.

The body brains and, beauty behind the brand businesswoman Kelisha Lopez-Shealey started with a love of fashion at an early age. Growing up when she wasn’t enjoying the beach she was doing photo shoots and fashion shows. Having the two worlds come together for her is a dream fulfilled “The exciting part for me is watching my designs come to life on someone else’s body”, says Kelisha.

Amor Swim was fueled by the designer’s love for fashion; A brand inspired by lingerie offering a vibrant, lively, spicy twist to each individual design crafted. “I never want my swimwear to be looked at as ‘normal’, so I decided to look to lingerie for my inspiration Kelisha says. “I want the women that wear my swimsuits to feel sexy, edgy, confident and to always make a statement.”

Based in Atlanta, Amor Swim is a luxury swimwear line that caters to any woman that desires for their swimsuits to be alluring with a little edge. This swimwear brand offers an array of different styles enhanced by vibrant colors, prints, and embellishments to produce a gorgeous and flattering piece of swimwear.